3 definitions by Josephi Krakowski

A Malo is a creepy priest you better keep your kids away from, it also has a very annoying laugh, especially when it laughs. It is married to an old women, first name Ben, who he struggles to impress, also Ben is probably having an affair. Malo better watch out for its cap because it is always being stolen.
Willy: "What is that annoying sound I hear?"

A cool and awesome girl willy is friends with: "Must be the mating call of the kookaburra. Wait, I didn't know kookaburras looked so gay, wait a sec, never mind it's just a Malo!"
by Josephi Krakowski September 02, 2019
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Miss Liddel is one of the most scariest principals there is. When you see her walk down the corridor towards you, she is usually staring straight at you, or sometimes she isn't. But either way, you better run (or maybe speed walk. Rule number 1: No running inside) away as fast as you can, and be sure to warn other students in her path.
Merry mother of Satan! Miss Liddel is coming!

Watch out for Miss Liddel! She's watching you...

No!! Miss Liddel!! Please!! I beg you!! Nooooooooooooo.... bleh (dead).
by Josephi Krakowski April 30, 2018
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A William A. is a young man who adores the game chess. He is completely obsessed. Most William A.s have a crush on gross old men who also play chess. William A. is part of the Wallace religion - all hail our lord Wallace.
"I know a guy who is super obsessed with chess and worships Wallace, but I can't remember his name"

"Ah, he must be a William A."
by Josephi Krakowski September 02, 2019
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