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A man who acts like a homosexual in order to appear more interesting to women.
Oliver always has a limp wrist when chicks are a round, he is such a fauxmo.
by Jonez Cold July 18, 2003

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The highest form of nobba. Someone who does/says very very stupid things constantly.

Often accompanied by falling over a lot, laughing at own unfunny jokes and getting drunk in the work place.
I accidentally sent an email to the whole company calling the boss a kant. I am SUCH a FikNobba
by Jonez Cold April 25, 2003

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Email equivelent of calling someone a cunt. Used when mail server filters are set to remove obscene language emails.
I cant believe you told everyone I am a fik nobba, you facking kant
by Jonez Cold April 16, 2003

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