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Often Used In Situations Where People Are Acting Like Bitches Or Supporting Communism.

A Term Commonly Used By Patriots Alike. (Yankee Or Southerner)

The Term Was Used Greatly During The Road Trip Of 2007 To Visit Some Friends At Suny Cortland. The Five Friends Used The Term So Often It Became A Catch Phrase First At The College Itself, Then Grew On Everyone Across The Nation Of The United States Of America.

Origin Of The Phrase Can Be Found In A Episode Of South Park With Bat Dad. Stan's Dad Says "Sorry I Thought This Was America" While He Is Being Arrested For Fighting At A Little League Baseball Game.
Guy #1: Your Not Aloud To Date Your Sister!
Guy #2: This Is America Bitch!

Girl #1: What Makes You Think Your Getting Laid Tonight?
Guy #1: Well This Is America!
Girl #1: Your So Bold Take Me Now You Damn American.

Person: Hey I Want Free Health Care!
American: Sorry I Didn't Know This Was Communist Canada! Guess What?
Person: What? Canada Isn't Communist?
American: This Is America Isn't It?
by Jonathan R Potts December 04, 2007

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A Upper-Middle Class White Town In The Middle Of Long Island, New York. The Percent Breakdown Would Be 90% White, 4% Asian,3% Spanish And 2% Black. 1% Hindu And Other Minorites. Known As The Pharmacey In The Late Ninties For It's Abundance Of Drugs. Weed Is the Number One Pushed Drug And The Pills And Cocaine Are A Close Second And Third. But For All It's Bad It's Got Some Pretty Decent People. The Parties Are Fun, There Are Assholes But Where Aren't There Assholes. The Only Three Teams With Regualar Good Seasons Would Be Soccer, Wrestling And Lacrosse. The Other Sports Are Very Polar And Have Hot And Cold Years. You Know Your From Hauppauge When Half you Graduating Class Goes To Suffolk CC. You Know Your From Hauppauge When You Get All Your Party Needs On Jericho. You Know your From Hauppauge When You Hate Smithtown Unless They Are Hot Chicks.
Hauppauge Is Pretty Normal
by Jonathan R Potts December 05, 2007

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To Snipe Someone In The Head In A Video Game Or I Guess In Real Life.

It Has To Be A Sick Shot Before You Can Drop The Term Any Normal Snipe Is Not Good Enough.
*Tom Headshots A Rookie In A Game Of Halo*
Tom: Ohhh Shit What A Phat Brain Drain.
Frined: That Was a Fucking Sick Shot
by Jonathan R Potts December 05, 2007

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