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When you call someone on Skype by accident. Particularly embarrassing if you are semi clothed...
Dave.. (Skypes girlfriend) hi baby....
Mum.. Dave is that you, my haven't you grown
Dave.. Shit shit shit, sorry mum, skypo (closes laptop)
by Jonah34 March 15, 2013

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When a woman dumps a man for a wealthy foreign guy purely for money.
Mary: see you've completed your foreign exchange

Nicola: yeah it was the best value move I've made

Both women cackle
by Jonah34 March 29, 2013

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(Bar - bee). Unattractive man or woman who buzzes about the bar all night being generally annoying. Like any bee you try to swat it away. The Barbie might get a. Bit angry but knows that if it tries to sting you, it's the end for that twat.
Tim - hey Katherine, you're looking hot tonight
Katherine - (pushes up close to Tim) it's all for you
Barbie - hey guys (spills drink) whasssup. Hey this party is banging....
Tim - fuck off Barbie before I swat you
Barbie - ........
Katherine - get your coat Tim, you've pulled
by Jonah34 May 28, 2014

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