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emmy: the most amazing person i will ever know, she is smart beautiful and has nice boobies and im sure her giney is great too, if only i culd have it sooner than i will :(
i love you emmy
jon,"if i could have one thing in my life it would be emmy"
pete"yeh she is pretty amazing."
jon"YOU stay away from her shes mine"
(jon beats up pete and retains emmy to himself)
by JonJon May 27, 2004
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The act of reversing out from a car park whilst concerned bystanders worry about the closeness of their vehicles.
I'm just watching him depark, he's close to my car.
by JonJon April 13, 2005
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The opposite of "clutch"; used to describe a situation that is far from ideal.
The lack of peanut butter in this house is so drop.

I found mold on this sandwich I was eating #drop

We have cereal but no milk; that's drop.

This rainy weather is totally drop.
by Jonjon August 10, 2013
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the sound a wet fish makes when it hits a sold surface
colina went BLORK as she fell on the ground
by jonjon September 10, 2004
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