3 definitions by Johnny445

If she looks fat, tell her she looks fuckin fat. Don't lie just to get sex. If that bitch is fat, then dump her and go for something hotter
Bitch: "Do I look fat in this dress"

you: "yes baby you do, you so fuckin fat come give me a blow job or else I'm gonna go to the brothel tonight!!!"
by Johnny445 August 30, 2010
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editing anime or cartoons for clout.
Editor 1: yo my nigga are you "yay thizzn"
Editor 2: of course my nigga I need the clout
by Johnny445 June 24, 2018
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Same level of offensiveness as nigger or chink to Guatemalans
Get away from me "Guati" this is America, we speak English here.
by Johnny445 July 31, 2017
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