Same level of offensiveness as nigger or chink to Guatemalans
Get away from me "Guati" this is America, we speak English here.
by Johnny445 July 31, 2017
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Guaty is a very nice and chill person, they will always have your back when you need them the most. Even in the most stressful situations Guaty will always try to find the best solution possible while remaining calm. The level of loyalty this type of person has is unbelievable, you can trust him a lot. He never forgets details and will always remember important dates just in case you forget. He is the friendliest and helpful person of all keep them with you throughout life.
I’m in a lot of trouble, I will ask Guaty for help.
Don’t give all your trust to anyone but him, he is a exception.
by Lola Perez November 22, 2021
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