4 definitions by Johnny Anonymous

The strange experience of having an orgasm while under the influence of the cold medicine, NyQuil.
I think I blacked out during that Q-gasm.
by Johnny Anonymous December 2, 2006
1. Someone who's belief in something is both incredibly powerful and unshakable.
2. A real positive MC, someone who speaks truth and will not spit self deceiving rhymes, hatred, or any form on anti-ism.
3. A truth seeker.
4. A force to be reckoned with.
Black Thought is some kind of powerhouse Goliath.

What do you think you are? A powerhouse Goliath?
by Johnny Anonymous December 7, 2006
A word for vagina, used mainly when one does not want others to know one is talking about vagina.
It's all about the quizzle for me.
by Johnny Anonymous December 2, 2006
1. A contradictory stance taken simply to contradict.
2. Someone who stands against positive ideas simply because he or she hates the people who believe in the idea, and not necessarily the idea itself.
3. The impediment of any form of truth or positivity simply out of spite, hatred, ignorance, fear, or anger.
Guy: Did you hear that sexist/racist/ignorant/fearful/hateful fucker? He just wants something to respond to so he can express some hate or fear or whatever the hell he is!

Guy2: Yeah, I know. He's anti-ism.
by Johnny Anonymous December 7, 2006