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Sleepy, Hairy, Tanned, Loves the Couch, Lots of Cigs, Fastfood, No Sex.

Everyone knows a The Barrett
Dude wake up it is 3 in the afternoon, you are acting like The Barrett
by John K Eaton November 16, 2006

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Long in the face, thin in the hair, generally a sleepy creature. Its territory is the couch. It subsists on fast food, cigarettes, and booze. Very hard to arouse. Seldom spends energy on anything other than using a lighter and the thumb and index finger to open cans. Everyone has someone like this in their life. The Barret only mates once every three years for a solid fifteen seconds.
The Silver Crested Barreticus Lazicus. Found in the piedmont region of North Carolina. One can spot this elusive creature among Papa Lou's buffalo tenders boxes and Marlboro Light boxes. CAUTION: Do Not Attempt to Move The Barret from The Couch.

The Barret can also be used as a verb and adjective.

Example: Stop Barreting around so much, you are depressing me.

The sky is very The Barret today, look how dark and gloomy it is.
by John K Eaton November 15, 2006

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