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1. One who rewrites history to fit the popular view regardless of the facts.
2. One who reports opinion as fact.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia written by users, is criticized for its accuracy because some entries are based popular opinion rather than fact.
The guy who reports for Fox News is a real wikihistorian.
by John Graham December 18, 2006
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"Body on your belt" or Body on my belt is a idiom commonly used by rappers such as Gucci Mane, Future, and Kodak Black. The "body" meaning a person and " on your belt" meaning an achievement. So in the context all of these rappers using the phrase body on my belt is meaning they have achieved killing someone. Thus getting a body on your belt.
"I'm just an East Atlanta nigga with a body on his belt." - Gucci mane
"I wouldn't mess with that nigga, he's got a body on his belt."

"Body on my belt"

Both of these meaning they have killed someone.
by John graham April 27, 2017
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