4 definitions by John WK

When a friend tells you something both in person and via MySpace. Often greatly reduces the weight of a statement. Used when one is unsure of another's attention to their received MySpace comments.
(MySpace comment from: *Joshy-Tosh*): I got in a car accident dude.

Joshua Toshen: "I got in a car accident dude."

You: "Yeah I saw your MySpace comment. Nice Myspace/real life redundancy."
by John WK April 5, 2007
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Short for In My No Homo Opinion. Used when a straight male needs to give another straight male some sort of fashion, dating, or otherwise generally effeminate advice.
"Dude, should I dye my hair brown?"

"No, IMNHO it looks better blonde."
by John WK May 14, 2007
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A common misspelling of alcohol, frequently made in LiveJournals and MySpace picture captions by minors who had a couple beers and a shot of Bacardi at a party one time.
Random internet user: "mmm...alchohal=loveeeeeee"
by John WK May 14, 2007
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