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The phonetic pronunciation of the text abbreviation OMG LOL. It is generally used to make fun of people who actually say, "OMG" or "LOL" in conversation.
-That was so funny! LOL!
-Ahm glawl!
by Joel E. Rogers August 24, 2009
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A game played while driving in a car. If you see a car with a headlight out, you touch the roof with both hands and exclaim "Ber-diddle!" Everyone else then has to touch the ceiling with both hands, (except the driver, who only has to use one hand). The last person to do so has to remove one article of clothing, and the driver is allowed to pull over to take something off. Shoes and socks count as one article of clothing.
If a light is out anywhere one the car, it counts, (e.g. brake lights, tail lights, fog lights, etc.)
Motorcycles have to have a light out in order to count.
If you see a car that has one of it's lights obviously broken, but they aren't on, that still counts.
If one light is way dimmer than the one on the other side, that counts too.
Also, if you're with people that are playing and you're not playing, then you're a bitch.
Is that a car with one headlight? Ber-diddle!
by Joel E. Rogers February 16, 2009
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The act of ducking your thumb down just as you're about to shake someone's hand. If done properly, your hand will slide past theirs, and they'll be left awkwardly grabbing your wrist, looking very confused.
Did you see that? I just thumb ducked the crap out of that chump.
by Joel E. Rogers February 16, 2009
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