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That page which is in your tabs incase you have to swith from your original page becuase youre watching violent material, porn or disgusting things which you dont whant others to know youre looking at.
-"Man this pornstar is hot...oh shit someones coming in , better switch to my safe page."

-"Hey what ya wathing honey?"

-"Nothing just these cute little puppies"
by JoeMommaPR May 28, 2010

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a pack of females witch reject contact with those out of the pack. Sometimes confused with lesbians but uncertain beacuse of their afection towards edward cullen.
"Dude I was chasing after this girl, but then i realized i wasted my time."

"Wao what happened"

"She was part of a 4-pack, all hope was lost"
by JoeMommaPR May 28, 2010

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