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A person that usually drinks plain coffee flavored coffee, but sometimes likes to have a flavored Starbucks coffee.
Bill: Dude I thought you only drank black coffee.

Dude: You know Bro sometimes I gotta run by Starbucks and have half caff mocha with a shot of butter scotch.

Bill: Dude, You're bi-coffeexual.

Dude: yes but I like plain coffe most of the time.

Bill: Being bi-coffeexual, there is nothing wrong with that.
by Joe Crowder December 14, 2007
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1. A person that usually drink plain coffee flavored coffee out of the coffee pot at work, however likes to have a Starbuck's coffee every so often.

2. A person that like both coffee flavored coffee, and flavored coffee.
Joe: James, what are you drinking? I thought only drank the coffee we have here at work.

James: Hey dude, I like to have a Tall Mocha half decaf some mornings. I can drink what I wnat.

Joe: There is nothing wrong with being a bi-coffeeual.
by Joe Crowder December 06, 2007
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motorcyclist, a person who ride a motorcycle.
The road rat rode his motorcyle into the parking, put the down kick stand down, slide off the bike, dusted himself off, and walked into the bar to order a beer.
by Joe Crowder February 15, 2005
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karma, making amends, making right a wrong that you have done, doing the right thing, what goes around comes around. Name after the T.V. Show "My Name is Earl" about a guy that is trying to make up for some of the wrong he did.
Man I can't shop lift that six pack of beer, bad Earl might come to visit me.
by Joe Crowder November 26, 2005
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