3 definitions by Jocelyn123RenWar

BoopleSnoot is particularly a bunny rabbits nose. The nose of a rabbit is very special, it bounces perfectly up and down as if it's twerking like a qween, because it is a qween.
The BoopleSnoot on the rabbit is the cutest part!
by Jocelyn123RenWar November 05, 2018
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It specifically means a friend of two girls who is fluffy and made of cotton candy and is a perverted fuck who loves to eat buttholes. He's a character from Inside Out but he somehow got out of the television. He loves to play with Shopkins and Barbie Dolls.
Damn, Bing Bong ate the girls' butthole HARD!!
by Jocelyn123RenWar November 05, 2018
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What you call somebody when they're being retarded
Gosh, why can't you stop being such a Ding Dash!!
by Jocelyn123RenWar November 06, 2018
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