A plastic doll, made popular in the 1920s inspired by the creator's daughter, in the form of a human female made of vinyl and hard plastic and other synthetic fibers. They have soft vinyl heads that one can squeeze, smush in or bend back making difficult hair brushing easy. And they have legs that can be bent and pliable for sitting. The doll's arms can be straight, bent or L-shaped, or movable by screwed elbows.

Her appearance is all American: Blond hair, big blue eyes and pink lips. Her body proportions are irregular and has caused controversy with eating disorders among girls and young women. She also has friends:

Midge: Ugly redhead with freckles (discontinued; came back in 2004)
Teresa: Hispanic, brown hair
Christie: African-American, black hair
Kira: (no longer sold) Asian-American or Hawaiian, black hair and bangs
Skipper: Blond hair, teenager, Barbie's sister
Stacy: Blond hair, little, Barbie's middle sister
Kelly: Baby sister, blond and sometimes brunette
Ken: Boyfriend, blond (discontinued)
Steven: African-American version of Ken (discontinued)
If real women were built like Barbie dolls, they would have to walk on all fours because her proportion are unhealthy.
by twistedbabydoll August 13, 2007
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A Caucasian female with blonde,brown,red,or black hair. Mostly blonde. Occosianly slutty, with perfect body. Goes with Ken dolls.

Little girls (or boys) play with Barbies.
Girl 1: "Hey! Look at my new Baseball Barbie!"
Girl 2: "My Prom Barbie is WAAAY better then yours!"
Mom: "Now, now! Play nice!"
by Grace April 3, 2005
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a plastic "fakey" looking girl, with a stereotypical bimbo look like Barbie has. A cheap, generic slut.
That chick is a total Barbie doll, she looks like a porn star wannabe, or a trailer park beauty queen.
by oleyshmoley October 19, 2009
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1) Someone Who Is Fake

2) Someone Who Cnt Be Real

3) Someone Who Lacks Honesty
Girl : Omg i Have To Tell You Something ! But Dnt Tell Anybodyy

Other Girl : Okk, Tell Me

Girl : Blahh Blahh Blahh Blahh

Other Girl : Okk I wont tell Anybodyy

The Next Day She Tells Everybodyy . "Barbie Doll"
by Tai Myrtle February 2, 2011
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Barbie dolls are usually used to describe attractive girls with big boobs and pretty face. Contrary to popular belief, there barbie dolls are not restricted to only white blonde dolls. Tehre is such a thing as a Black barbie doll, like myself. And i'm more sexy than any of you white barbie dolls any day!
Guy #1: Barbie dolls are hot stuff
Guy #2: Yeah, especially the Black ones. Can you say DAMN?
Guy #1: Yeah, dude.
by Katie263745 August 29, 2005
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A blonde popular doll, a fasion doll, hot as hell with a nice proportioned body.
by c a t h e r i n e September 30, 2003
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