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A dumb, white, thinks he can do martial arts, wannabe asian. Looks at anime 24/7, wants to have an asian girlfriend, has a hard on for the customs, and thinks that they can do Tai-Chi(but it is fake).
Jake Tedrick and the guy who tries to be your friend because you are asian.
by Jimmy Hoffa December 03, 2004

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synonm for "cool", "rad", "spiffy", and "neato"
Man you found $20 on the street? gitchy!
by Jimmy Hoffa August 20, 2003

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"too bad", "that sucks"
Your dog got hit by a car yesterday, that's gwaasans man.
by Jimmy Hoffa August 20, 2003

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da realet andz illizt killaz, all who basikly run da police and der's bout 9 leaders, who tel der "employees" (fellow mofia members) to kill n e gang dat hav beef wit dem or dey gotz beef wit dogg !
(just play grand theft auto 3 and dey gotz all dat crap)
dude, im a mafia playa
by JiMmY hOfFa January 22, 2004

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