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Drop your firewall and let me through your backdoor and i'll give you all the RAM you need.
Buttercup: I need some RAM :D
JiTRiF : No thnx
by JiTRiF November 09, 2003

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The most annoying way to make someone shutup who thinks you're cheating, or is freaking out, is to repeat kthnxgg after everything they say.
Berticus:D00d, you were sooo cheating
JiTRiF :Kthnxgg
JiTRiF :Kthnx
JiTRiF :gg
by JiTRiF October 13, 2003

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The act or acts of two or more white pasty faced nerds engaging in online male intercourse.
Irhpctas:TIME FOR MANSSECHS!!!1!11one
Berticus:YAY, i wanna be on top
JiTRiF :OMFG, thats nasty
by JiTRiF October 11, 2003

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