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1. A fairy Pokemon used in lots of fanfictions. An evolved form of Eevee. It was introduced before X and Y's release along with its Fairy type.

2. A way of calling someone sweet, kind, beautiful, sexy, or friendly.
Sylveon is popular among Pokemon X and Y fans.
by ToriSenshi April 11, 2015
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Sylveon is a Fairy-Type Pokemon that first came out in 2013, along with the release of Pokemon X and Y.

Sylveon is actually one of the most famous Fairy-Types and one of the first. It is also the 8th Eevee evolution.

(What it Looks Like)
Sylveon is mainly white and light pink, with a little bit of blue. Shiny Sylveon is mainly blue and white, with less pink.
Sylveon Fan: OMG SYLVEON IS PERFECT sd9f0ibjadfhvsdgsfjg!!!!!!!!!!!
Umbreon fan: No, UMBREON Is!!!!!1!!!
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by !SylveonDaFairy! April 23, 2017
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