4 definitions by Jenna Adamo

1: Of Italian origin meaning tramp, slut, and/or thrash.

2: slang abbreviation for Italian-Americans, stratch.
"Wow look at that straccione over there all up on that guy."
by Jenna Adamo December 16, 2008
Noun: men who flash money around and speak loudly to attract attention to themselves in the hopes of making them look important and/or cool.
(plural spacconi).
Look at those spaccones over there buying rounds for the women and anyone who looks their way.
by Jenna Adamo January 14, 2009
1: Someone, typically a man, who needs to show the world, specifically women, that he has money and knows how to spend it. Normally this person has little or no money and lives pay check to pay check without any regards to the future.

2: a boaster; poser; loudmouth
Diana: "Check out this guy over here buying drinks for all of us."

Nicole: "I know right, does he really think he's impressing us. He is such a spaccone."
by Jenna Adamo December 16, 2008
1)Italian slang for girlfriend on the side. Derogatory term for a married man's girlfriend.
2)A woman typically not good enough to be serious with. Originates from the Italian word cumare meaning girlfriend. Over the years has been corrupted being shortened to cumad.
Look there's Joe over there out with his cumad again while his wife is at home.
by Jenna Adamo February 12, 2009