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the art of having sex with a girl, punching her in the head, then blow your load on her face.Then procede to cut off your pubes and put them on her face so she resmbles Abe Lincoln. Then keep it real and tie her up for the night. When she wakes up in the morning, you cut the cords and emanciapte her.
Four Whores and Twenty Beer ago, I took a random skank home from the club. For some reason during sex she began to speak of the ills of slavery. Since she sounded so much like Abe Lincoln, I had to punch her in the head, blow my load on her face proper, cut off my pubes and put them on her face so she resembled the 16th president. I then tied her up for the night. In the morning she awoke dumbfounded. I told her I was The Emancipator and cut her cords and set her free. She had tears in her eyes and said God Bless you Abe lincoln
by Jeff Dailey August 24, 2007

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This happens when having anal sex doggy style with a girl on the living room floor, close to the TV you both are watching. You tell her you want to watch the ball game. When she says "get the remote", you grab it, stick it in her snatch and make her change the channel by hand.
Johns girl loves to watch Will and Grace and have anal sex and the same time.This night John wanted to watch the ball game, when she smarted off. She got the West Virginia Remote Control.
by Jeff Dailey August 10, 2007

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baby girl , what you want to see in the club , a hottie
jim and jeff showed in the club looking to see some bbg's it was a sausage factory, then a couple of honeys rolled up in the club, and we new panties would be dropping soon
by jeff dailey April 17, 2009

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to call in sick to work, usually because of drinking, bad sex, good sex, feel like partying, or are just lazy, usually with a lame reason
Man i went to the club after breaking rocks all day. I figured whiskey would help my back. It sure did but I didnt get any Puss. I was so pissed i marked off the rest of the week. Ill mark off next week to if my back dont get any better, for now Ill take a drink
by Jeff Dailey August 14, 2007

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someone who is way lame, possibly very lazy at work, causes co-workers to all have to work over, then goes to the bar and gives bad vibes to all the women
Man this daggone joker i work with spent at least 2 hours on the toilet today. After he got to leave early, that daggone joker came to the bar and tried to hang with me. I went home alone
by Jeff Dailey August 14, 2007

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when you finger a girl proper by using 3 fingers in the snatch, usually when drunk in the club or in the parking lot
Damn player, you wont believe this!! I just went three deep in the bathroom with that ho I was talking to earlier, and didnt even have to buy here a drink, SWEET!
by Jeff Dailey October 10, 2007

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a person who does well with the baby girls by planting the seeds at the appropriate time, letting the crops grow until they are ripe for the picking, the reaps the bounty or booty in this case, just to wait till next year seedlings need planted for a new crop of baby girls to be seeded, ripe for the picking, and harvested once again, cycle repeats
Jim is quite the Farmer, a baby girl came in the club, he dissed her after she smarted off, he said your loss. Next time when her and her friends came in he bought them shots and ended up back at their house for a night of sweet loving. Some say the greatest Farmer of all time
by Jeff Dailey July 18, 2008

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