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The act of shotgunning a RockStar Energy drink.

Refers to death of singer Kurt Cobain .
"Damn man, it's finals week already."
"Yeah man, I'm gonna have to Kurt Cobain before I hit he library."
"What the f*ck's a Kurt Cobain?"
"It's where you Shotgun a RockStar."
by Jbear December 6, 2019
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A level of someone being so dumb or stupid that the person ridiculing them could not just settle calling them an idiot but a fuckin Idiot.
john Hey dude did you hear about that stripper that came to Brett's party who was supposedly Derick's mom, dude I heard she slept with every guy there!

Dude Your about a Fuckin Idiot if you really believe that.
by Jbear October 18, 2007
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