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similar to a double negative, but with another negative added in, making a befuddling mixture of words that makes a negative statement.

an excellent way to disagree with someone and walking away while they try to figure out what you just said
Person1: hannah montana is a great singer

Person 2: i cant say i dont disagree with you (walks off)
(^triple negative)

Person1: wait...what?
by Jazz Hammerhands November 06, 2009
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when one is to lazy to preform a task that is not even really considered work, such as getting up and changing the tv channel manually.
"oh man, Seinfeld is on"
"i don't wanna get up you?"
*lifts arm and moans*
"my friend, im afraid our teen syndrome has kicked in"
by Jazz Hammerhands March 11, 2009
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(pun on sim city)
a room/venue/general area filled with scenesters, usually of the emo or hipster branches.

for more info on scenesters visit the website www.yourscenesucks.com
"dang, look at all the emo's and hipsters"
"yeah man, its like, scene CITY!"
by Jazz Hammerhands March 01, 2009
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many times a bachelor will find himself without any definate meal to eat and may decide to resort to Bachelor surprise, Bachelor surprise involves closing ones eyes and picking completely random items from any place food is stored (fridge, cupboard, etc) the items selected are then made into dinner for the night. (seasonings need not be random due to high risk of a terrible outcome)
"damn, i dont have any real meals, looks like its time for bachelor surprise"
*receives various items*
"ok, a pizza pop, chipotle sauce, marble cheese, sausage, and a wrap. looks like im about to invent the southwest pizza wrap."
by Jazz Hammerhands August 09, 2009
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The state you reach during web surfing when anything you look at becomes bland and just like everything else you've looked at. Even music playing in the background gets tuned out.
"man i was so bored all i did was read comics online, eventually it all turned into an internet whiteout"

"I watched so many funny cat video's today they all started to mix together in my mind"
"That's internet wightout man"
by Jazz Hammerhands December 24, 2008
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