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A person of Mexican and Irish genes. Green stands for those of Irish ancestry. Green is a symbolic color in the Irish tricolour flag. The Green represents the Roman Catholic populace of Ireland and harkens back to the Irish rebellions. Ireland is also said to possess forty shades of green in all of it's lush vegetation. It's also known as the land of Saints and Scholars. Bean refers the diet of the ancient indigenous peoples of Mexico such as the Aztecs and Mayans. They ate a diet rich in vegetables and legumes. Beans belong to the legume family and is a staple of most Mexican food. They are like their counter part the McSpic. Greenbean men are known for their strength of arm and character, their superior tolerance to spirited beverages and handsome overall appearance. Greenbean women are known for their stunning beauty, their tough and rugged spirits, and their courage. Both are highly intelligent, possess clever wits, and are known for their humor. They are a mystical and majestic people.
Jack: That guy is really cool and really strong.
Jill: Yeah he is. He's just the cutest Greenbean ever.

John: That girl is so beautiful it hurts.
Jim: Yeah. She's a true Greenbean.

Sara: I think she's absolutely gorgeous.
Peter: Of course. She's a Greenbean.
by Jay Ry Poppa January 05, 2010
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