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A syndrome that consists of people , wether male or female , whos only objective is to reach the weekend. This syndrome can harm potential smart slackers.
Doodley :"Mozes has to finish those rocks with the commandments at some point, hes been gone for ages"
David : " yeh he's working on it , now hes just working for the weekend"
Doodley : " But hes been doing that for like 40 years"
David : "well then .. someone has working for the weekend syndrome"
by Jan Schreurs November 09, 2007
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being in a frisky , hyper , suicidal , dillusional , and yet happy state...
Jan ate too much suger coated apples..
jan is acting wildly and doing all kinds of random crazy stuff... Jan is in .. FUNMODE..
by Jan Schreurs November 06, 2007
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Having to do some homework , but wanting to do something else, but there isnt anything else... this is the syndrome common in people living in muscat for over 5 months.
Jan is knee deep in math homework, jan is bored of math homework.. jan looks out of the window... and then continues math homework because there is nothing else to do... he lives in muscat.. he therefore has .. muscat syndrome
by Jan Schreurs November 04, 2007
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