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When someone you are in a relationship with breaks up with you through a text. NO phone call or face to face, but a text dump.
Can you believe that jerk? He pulled a text dump. I knew I should have text dumped him when I had the chance.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife March 24, 2009
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Term used by housewives to describe their gay friend who is their gay version of their husband.

The man who acts as their husbands replacement/stand in for outings and activities that her hubby won't partake in. Ones he may deem "girlie."
"I asked my hubby to go with me today and get pedicures...then hit the fabric store for our new curtains. He told me to call my Gubby..cause there is a Football game on today."
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife September 10, 2009
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When you are talking to someone on the phone who decides to relieve themselves while still talking to you. You know because you hear them flush the toilet!
Cindy had the nerve to phone flush me last night! She tried to play it off like she was doing the dishes...but I knew better. I know she phone flushed me.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife January 16, 2009
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When someones calls you while they are on the toilet. Using the facilities while talking.
Gross! That guy at the club last night phone throned me this morning. I heard the whole symphony he played.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife January 16, 2009
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A shortened word used to describe people who are freak shows. Over dramatic, weird, needy, delusional people. Ones that are screaming for attention, and the need to be heard. Everything offends them.
She is such a OCD frow. She wears gloves to go into a public restroom.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife January 16, 2009
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1. A word that can be to describe certain people on twitter. People who tweet stupid, uninteresting mundain things. Similar to the meaning of:

-being a twit
-being a d*ckhead


2. A person who is addicted to Twitter, and twittering. Diehard twitters.
She can't even stop twittering to use the restroom or eat...tweets in her sleep. She is aciting like such a tweethead.
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This a serious condition that is a direct result from texting to much. Working your thumbs till they become stiff.

This disorder may also effect hardcore gamers who play video games for long extended periods of time.
Mike: Hey Billy..you wanna play some Wii?

Billy: Not tonight man, I think I may have a STD (Stiff Thumb Disorder).

Mike: What!@#$ Is it burning?

Billy: No, I got stiff thumbs from texting to much last night. I can't use a controller till my thumbs work again.
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife January 04, 2010
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