6 definitions by James McLendon

The sexual act of when you take a truly classless whore and get her to kneel down as if mimicking to pray and take communion. Part her hair down the middle, get out a Hymnal Book and begin to recite a Hymn while recieving a blow job from the truly ruthless cock gobbler.
Last night I was with this ANTI stellar hoodrat and I got her to gimme an altar boy.
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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1. When a person, object, etc., is supernatrual in flavor, style, ambieance.

2. The act of getting EXTRA Crunk at a social event, or area and not give a 'Fu..'.
1. GOTdam fooo, the rims on that Cadi are CRUNKATIZED.

2. Dawg, last night I was at Boo Boo's crib and got CRUNKATIZED.
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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This is a box similar to the all famous "CRUNCH-N-MUCH", yet, CRUNK-N-MUNCH has yet to be invented. CRUNK-N-MUNCH, when brought into this world, will be a box of insanely crunkatized bits of joy that will enable you to reach a euphoric gangstertastically superb well being feeling when munching on. YES!!!! CRUNK-N-MUNCH...be crunkatized!!!!!!!
Yo, today I copped that new lil' box o' goodies called CRUNK-N-MUNCH!!! That mug had me HYPED!!!
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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1. The art of being EXTRA Gangsta (tight, crunkatized) in flavor, style, ambieance.

2. A complete and total Euphoric feeling when you've had a good day from any positive experience.
1. Damn shun, Shawty over der looks GANGSTERTASTIC.

2. Foo, today I got a raise, we goin' out tonight to get CRUNKATIZED because I'm feelin' GANGSTERTASTIC.
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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A Helping verb used to describe an object of any style for any reason.
1. Yo, did you see the new 2007 Escalade? That mug is GANGSTERTASTICALLY Advanced!!!!!
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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You are going to town DOGGY STYLE on your female partner. In mid stroke, you pull your "member" out. Slide your middle finger in her BEARDED CLAM and your thumb inside her BROWN EYE. WHILE INSIDE HER HOLES, close the hand in the manor that you would during a SNAP. Snap and Pull out at the same time. This will cause your lower than low female counterpart to scream like an ANGRY BOHEMIAN.
Last night I was with "hooty hoo" and gave her a BOHEMIAN SNAP. She screamed in AGONY for 417 minutes.
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
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