1. When a person, object, etc., is supernatrual in flavor, style, ambieance.

2. The act of getting EXTRA Crunk at a social event, or area and not give a 'Fu..'.
1. GOTdam fooo, the rims on that Cadi are CRUNKATIZED.

2. Dawg, last night I was at Boo Boo's crib and got CRUNKATIZED.
by James McLendon August 13, 2006
To make a person and or thing (such as a party or an article of clothing) that was formally uncrunk, crunk.
Example 1:Jenna: Like, ohmigod. Did you go to Cornelious's party last night?

Frank: No. What happened?

Jenna: I'll tell you what happened. It was totally boring and all messed up. But then Rachel and Cynthia came and they totally crunkatized it.

Example 2: Crunkatize me, Cap'n!
by Carroll & Carroll August 10, 2008