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To reach the boundaries of over-reacting, while maintaining sensibility. "Keepin' it real" should only be brought into action when something personal is being attacked, such as one's manhood, one's mother, one's moral code, etc.

Violence is necessary.
Guy : Bitch, what'd you just say to me?
Woman : I said your mother is an ersatz Harriet Jacobs.
Guy : Bitch, I told you to shut your wiki-educated mouth. I'm keepin' it real 24-7.
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Someone who mostly learns from reading articles on wiki sites.
Dude 1: Dude, I don't get it you're usually so smart but the president of Finland was not born in sweden and had a sex change... thats ridiculous.

Dude 2: Sorry man, it's just that I'm wiki-educated... you never know what creeps into those sites.
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A person with a Nintendo Wii.
WiiGer: Man, this cool vibration on my guitar hero controller is sweeeeeeet.
Xbox 360 guy: Oh yeah, well I can download cool stuff online... loser.
WiiGer: fuck you. I have Mario.
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To relax. The venture of relaxing.
Papa Bear: Yo bitch, what're you doing for break?
Hoe: I'm going mexican, might visit some colleges. I might even try to catch a case of snow pussy over at Loon.
Papa Bear: Nice.
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