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A video game based on the basic storyline that the Lord of Darkness, Dracula, is going to take over the world and the player must navigate his/her way through his castle and defeat him. This game has spawned many sequels, prequels and is very popular, because it can be played on the Playstation, the N64, the GameboyAdvance and various others.
Castlevania:Circle of the Moon is played on the GameboyAdvance.
by Jaken March 23, 2003
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When one can make up his or own life story or a simple lie using only the materials used in the room they are currently in.
Hey man did you find out if jimmy did it?

No he said dell samsung did it.

Oh you mean your computer and your printer?

Crap, I just got kaiser sozed.
by Jaken February 26, 2012
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Canadians- Ones who originate in Canada. They are peaceful and don't get into wars very often, and their healthcare is free.
"Hey, guys, Canada is bigger than America and its on top of it to!"
by Jaken May 18, 2003
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Popular creatures in mythology that drain the tesopherone out of men by having sex with them and adding it to their lifeforce, making them even stronger and a better than before. While they were having sex, they would stick their tongue out and it would go down the throat of the man, nearly killing him. It was believed (although not proven) that there even a Lesbian Succubus, that hunted and thrived on women. However, its been a while now since anyone has seen a succubus, but it is said by many that they will return one day when the world ends by the Apocolipse, and will help creat choas wherever its neccessary. They are mentioned in most movies or games with a religious theme EX: Castlevania, circle of the Moon.
Lesbian Succubus are more rare than Hedro-Succubus.
by Jaken April 6, 2003
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