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An extremely Fat or Ugly Person. Usually one you just wish would die.
Look at that Ronicut !
by Jake Ballou March 01, 2008
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1. A Person of the homosexual preference
-since their sex usually involves ass
2. A Whore in general
3. Someone whos face looks like an ass.
1. LOL, Randy that Ass Slut is checking you out

2. There was an Ass Slut walking along Main Street.

3. UGH! Don't look at me Ass Slut
by Jake Ballou April 11, 2008
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Muscle and flexibility gained from playing Wii
Eddie - Jake has gained muscle lately
Bill - He plays Wii all the time...
Eddie - Yeah, He must have some Serious Wii Iron
by Jake Ballou August 23, 2008
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To Commit Incest repeatedly, hence the prefix "re".
Incest is looked down upon by almost all natural cultures, This Incest includes Recest, Yes it is gross that two family members would commit sexual activity twice or more.
Person 1 -Did you hear what Danny and His Sister where caught doing?
Person 2 - INCEST!
Person 1 - No, Recest, i watched the first time...
by Jake Ballou April 28, 2008
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