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if one feels that the comment/remark or passed event strikes them as something humerous one simply states the word "funnystuff". commonly used to replace laughing and normally ends said conversation
jack: i just pooped out yellow and pink dust

khaya: funnystuff
by Jack Fraser Macdonald July 14, 2011

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a very serious condition in which a gayboy called craig wont share his biscuits!!
ronan/ruaridh: craig can i have a biscuit?

craig: no!! fuck off guys i paid 69p for them!!

ronan/ruaridh: damb craigsadick
by Jack Fraser Macdonald July 11, 2011

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a person adicted to the properties of google and and other search engines such as yahoo and ask jeeves. they find themselves incapable of doing anything other than try the different functions each site contains. ways to tell if someone is a googlesplifer is if you constantly find them at a computer ejaculating over the main functions of the said search engine
damb that is one freaky ass googlesplifer
by Jack Fraser Macdonald July 10, 2011

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