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A game played at either a meal or in a group setting.

When at a meal, and everyone is on their phones, grab them and stack them face down in the center of the table. First to pick up their phone, pays the bill for all. If no one grabs it, everyone pays their part.

When in a group setting, grab the phones and stack them. Whoever grabs their phone must perform challenges, each group member gets to pick a challenge so in a group of 10, touching your phone would cause you to do 10 challenges. You may use your phone during the challenges but afterwards, it goes back on the stack.
*Everyone is texting at a group meal*
Person 1: "PHONE STACK!"
*Person 1 snatches all phones and stacks them face down*
Person 1: "first to touch pays the full bill"
by JWilde February 27, 2012
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The act of being on painkillers or another prescription drug while drinking liquor.

The drug must be something that has drastically increased effects because of the alcohol. Beer is typically not strong enough to get someone "Loaded" thus, the need for liquor.
Person 1: "wow james is really loaded!"
Person 2: "Yeah he took 3 hydrocodones and drank a bunch of gin!"
by JWilde February 27, 2012
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