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Originally a typo of thx, but it's grown more popular as a non-typo (probably because of plz, which is also sometimes written as plx. Those people are strange.)
Normal person: thx for all that wicked stuff
Psycho: thz for the freakin good shizz
by JQPublic May 10, 2011

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A very stupid person (mainly American.)
Shut your damned trap, you bloody birdbrain!
by JQPublic April 05, 2010

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From the Cantonese word 'chui shui' which means lying in a way that everyone know is untrue. Most recently, it has started to carry a meaning: providing an answer that is vague but sounds good enough in an exam, test, or paper.
'I just went to Saudi Arabia yesterday. Then the president appeared and gave me a....'
'Don't blow saliva, mate, we'd had enough for the day.
by JQPublic April 06, 2010

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To give a damn
"I just started to learn French."
"Bully for you, stupid, I don't care a toss."

Who cares a toss for politics?
by JQPublic May 06, 2010

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Placeholder name.
Who's that John Q Public over there?
by JQPublic April 05, 2010

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Internet abbreviation of 'fd'. It's usually used in the usual sense rather than the Facebook one.
He's my best fd.

He's my brest fd.
(Oh well. At least he tried his brest, er, best.)

You're not my fd any more.
by JQPublic January 24, 2012

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Internet abbreviation for 'send' (usually used for emails and ocassionally PMs).
A: ill sd u dat super awesome game if you sd me that super awesome movie
B: u mean that afv submission dat never got sded?
by JQPublic January 23, 2012

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