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A common argument used by protestors of marijuana and by those who are unwilling to let go of the lies they've been fed their entire lies. The ignorant ones will say, "Pot is in the same group as crack and heroin and computer duster and will make the user suffer withdrawals," and what the fuck have you. The more educated ones, while still quite ignorant, will say "Well, while it's not physically addictive, it is PSYCHOLOGICALLY addictive, and so you should stay away from it."

And that's why I became a part of the anti-fingernails campaign. What's our cause? Well, the habit of biting fingernails, while by no means physically addictive, can be psychologically addictive. Fingernails should therefore be made illegal.

But wait, masturbation can also be psychologically addictive... and so can gambling... and shopping and facebook and video games and reading and working and over-eating and under-eating and sex... All of these things should absolutely be made illegal, don't you agree?

The truth is, people have been smoking pot since AT LEAST 3000 B.C., and in the last five thousand years, no one has overdosed on pot, no one has died or been hospitalized from severe withdrawal from pot, nor has anyone's body has gone through ANY withdrawal symptoms from pot.

Sure, it's psychologically addictive. But is it dangerous in this way? I suppose you can judge for yourself. As for me, I've smoked pot every fucking day from early December to late May, and I'm doing fine now (in late April).
Tool: "Don't smoke marijuana, you'll develop a marijuana addiction."

Me: "Sure I will. Are your teeth yellow because of your coffee or your cigarettes?"

Tool: "... Both?"
by JPobo April 26, 2010

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(n) Someone who is a total Jew about their stash of weed, in that he or she is incredibly stingy or conservative with it.
Matt: "So did you get high with Luke last night?"
Mark: "I was planning on it, but Luke dropped a little in the sink and he spent ten minutes trying to blow-dry it off, so I just left."
Matt: "What a marijewana."
by JPoBo April 25, 2010

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