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A tummy with a bellybutton (preferably a woman's)
( . )( . )


) . (




the female form via texting
by JNote November 26, 2009

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To be impressed with someone's "outness"

To commend outed people on their accomplishments
I am very Outpressed with how far Ellen has come since her sitcom.

I am very Outpressed in the way Adam Lambert jumped his bandmate on stage.
by JNote May 06, 2010

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An adjective which describes something that is wack.

(The term has nothing to do with being gay)
"The FAG bus is late again!"

Clint: "Hey Tommy, do you want to play marbles with me after school"


Clint:"Why not?"

Tommy: "Cause marbles are FAG"

Or in relation to someone:

Tina: "You're FAG"

Becky: "Um, I believe you're FAG"

(note the absence of "a" in the last quote, which would be a completely different word and meaning)
by JNote October 22, 2009

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