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This is what happens to a white sluts cunt the first times she is screwed by a black guy which renders here useless to any white man for the rest of her life since it instantly lowers her status to honorary nigger white trash slut.
Rob: Something stinks! You smell that?
Josh: Yeah its probably Kelly's puss she's been monkeypunched.
Rob: Nasty mudshark bitch!
by jbadd April 26, 2009

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Flowbie is when a girl blows in your p hole till your balls are the size of tennis balls then she hits them with a tennis racket.
Rob- Why the hell are you walken so funny?
Josh- My girlfriend gave me a flowbie last night.
by jbadd March 05, 2009

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Its what happens to a mudsharks cunt when she gets done letting a dry skinned nigger screw her. Only heard of never been seen no white guy would ever look at monkeypunched snatch.
"Look at that coalburner and her halfbreeds I bet she has an ashysnatch!!!"
by jbadd May 02, 2009

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Slippery Morae eel is when a guy with a crooked dick is doing a girl doggy style in the puss and pulls out and sticks it in some vaseline and then jams it in her ass without her knowing.
-Dude, Crooked dick Rob gave Tina a Slippery Morae eel the other night!!!
-I bet she wont Bitch at him anymore.
by JBadd March 03, 2009

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When a guy is pumpen another guy in the ass pulls it out and notices a little poop on the tip reaches and turns the light off and lets him suck it anyway.
-Matt tricked Tom into sucken his shit dick.
-Ugh, Matt gave tom a greezy fackler .
by Jbadd March 03, 2009

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