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The word that Pete from Big Brother says when having a tourettes outburst. It is usually followed by a cough, a thump to the throat and the follow up word "wankers"

Usually said when loved up, excited, happy, overjoyed and generally in a good mood


enough said. Should now be used by everyone when feeling excited and happy.... long live the ledgend that is the star of big brother. hooray for perfect Pete.
by J2theP August 15, 2006

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Welsh phrase meaning to sort of squat. Used mostly in the southern region of Wales esp the Valleys.

if hiding from someone you might tooty down behind something.
"i was out walking the dog and needed a pee so i tootied down behind a big tree!"

"tooty down there and he wont see you"
by J2theP August 15, 2006

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Another name for the Whiskey drink Jack Daniels. Only used by people who think they are too damn cool and have to make up slang for everything they say. These types of people are usually found under bridges (a bit like trolls) and can also be found saying thinks like "she aint no J.Lo"

Also shortened to Danny J
"yo bro ill have another daniel Jackson.... on the rocks"

"lets hit another Danny J dude"
by J2theP August 15, 2006

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