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A book written by Lisa Birnbach in 1980 as a tongue-in-cheek guide to preppies. Currently out of print, it details the preppy lifestyle "from toddler to Alumni Fund Raiser". It contains "the look, the pose, the proper accessories. What to wear at What Age. Lilly, Lacoste, and L.L. Bean." Anyone who believes that preppies are those who wear American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and the like should consult this book to understand what a prep really is. And this book isn't dated considering preppies are classic and do not change their lifestyle as times go on. A highly reliable guide to preps.
"The Official Preppy Handbook" is the guide to becoming a true prep.
by J. Su August 11, 2006

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1. a person who works in financial center of New York City known as Wall Street.
2. a 2006 TV series that followed the lives of 10 Wall Street Warriors and their hectic lives.
He's a student at Wharton. He'll definitely be a Wall Street Warrior.
by J. Su August 08, 2007

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A new clothing store launched by J. Crew. It is a casual clothing store targeting 20-30 year olds. Prices are about 20%-30% less than J. Crew's and the line is supposed to be a complement to J. Crew and not competition. It is a new store amongst the many that have been launched by other companies who are looking to target a 20-30 year old audience such as American Eagle's Martin + Osa and Gap's Forth & Towne. The first store can be found in Dallas, TX.

website: www.madewell1937.com
Madewell's clothes are less preppy and have a younger more urban feel.
by J. Su October 26, 2006

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