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a phrase meaning "no"
Shawn: Do u like me?
Jessi: NO NIGGA!!
by J-Ro June 04, 2005

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To sneak a taste of food that someone is in the process of preparing.
As grandma carved the turkey, I took a snerkle of meat to subdue my cravings.
by J-ro October 04, 2013

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"Spanish" for im going to skit on your face.
Voy a skitar, said pedro to roberto,
by J-Ro April 26, 2005

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A bus/car/SUV full of young, slightly muscular, hairless gay men twink
Check that twinkie bus going by. It must be going to boys town.
by J-Ro October 06, 2004

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Uhhhhhhh......don't you people know that it's spelled NICKEL? No wonder everyone fuckin' flunked the ISTEP. It's a slang term of endearment among african-americans.
What's up my nickel?

20 nickels mades a saggy pocket. Oh, and it makes a dollar too.
by J-Ro March 07, 2005

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