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A word used by Teabaggers to describe any government policy which actually helps people in need or contributes to the public good. It is pronounced the same as the word socialism, but is always spelled phonetically and in ALL CAPS.

Note that SOSHULIZUM is not the same thing as socialism or social democracy. It is meant to be representative of the attitudes of conservatives that any government spending which helps lower unemployment or contributes to the rebuilding of the economy is somehow a handout.
SOSHULIZUM includes: food stamps, unemployment insurance, any sort of public healthcare or health insurance, public works projects, and public transportation. Depending on who you talk to, it can also include public education and environmental protection.

SOSHULIZUM does not include: military expenditures (even those which are unnecessary), prisons, the War on Drugs, tax cuts for corporations or wealthy individuals, or bribes paid to foreign officials in the form of "foreign aid".
by J-rad May 08, 2011
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