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Ain't Notin' To FUCK wit.
A Wu Tang Clan member once said,

I be tossin, enforcin, my style is awesome
I'm causin more Family Feud's than Richard Dawson
by J BOY May 02, 2006
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the best 4 seconds of a man's life.
"Sex is not that important; it's the afterward part when you're naked and it's warm. Watching the sun come up through the windshield you look in her good eye and you help strap on her leg and you know: you fucked a pirate."
-Dave Attell, on orgasms.
by J BOY May 22, 2006
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Someone who's making G's in the business world (entrepreneur) using their computer! (pwnt)
Entrapwner: I'm What you call an entrapwneur, Ha! Get it?
Outrageous Man: No Dude, you're what i call, a douchebag!
Outrageous Wingman: WOAH! DUDE you totally showed that guy!
by J BOY July 13, 2006
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Sex with someone have known your entire life. except instead of a vagina he has fingernails...gross.
i wonder if mr. rogers ever rocked his casbah..hmm masturbation is silly.
by J Boy August 23, 2009
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