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worked over as in took a beat down or climbed in bed with a chic strait off the rugby field. The girl gave that dude a rough down.
The chick gave me the rough down.

That chicks not looking for some loving shes looking for somebody to rough down.

You were expecting some powder puff and you got strait up roughed down by woman.
by Izaus May 01, 2010

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This is a term used to describe some freaky person who will molest anything. The horse chick, The person who loves there pet a Little to much. This and any person who engages in total freaky sexual behavior that is way abnormal and sick.
The chick keeps coming up to me like she got roughed down by a Labrador..

I bet shes a freakaphile.

"That chicks got some screws loose and I heard shes a freakaphile"..
by Izaus May 01, 2010

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The type of chick who Totally is just Rocking..

Like some loving cooing phrase used as an extension of chicka or chick to make it sound more like that's not a chick that's a happy chickadee..

Or a woman who is hot as hell and knows what she is look-in for..

Or that one is looking to nest up...

Or a chick who is ready to rock and roll on a dime to whoop some as like a bird protecting a nest..
"Hows my rock-in little chickadee"

"That's one rock-in chickadee"
by Izaus May 01, 2010

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