3 definitions by Iwillpredictpeople72937

When you eat a New York steak for dinner then after you eat a girl out and because of how bad it smells, you throw up in her pussy. So you caused a New York Thunder Storm in her pussy.
Last night I caused a New York Thunder Storm in bed and my girlfriend dumped me 30 minutes after.
by Iwillpredictpeople72937 December 30, 2020
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Amazing kicker and a funny guy. He will be a name to remember!
Wow Josh Leff is a legend in the making
by Iwillpredictpeople72937 October 20, 2019
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When you a guy nuts on a girl and then shakes her after.
Brian P received head for the first time and it felt so good, he nutted all over her and then shaked her to create the salt shaker
by Iwillpredictpeople72937 February 02, 2021
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