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N. A nasty girl who would do any woman even if she wasn't lesbian, shes just a a freak and would do any girl with two legs and a Va-Jay Jay.

Jenn: Hey your kind sexy..
girl:and your kinda pathetic..
girl: You just told my best friend the same thing..you are such a lesbian whore.
by italy911 April 24, 2009
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a ghetto girl,with a big booty who wears weave, a greasy mess.
Jamie be acting so Tyquitalicious with her greasy weave.
by Italy911 April 22, 2009
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n. A person who completes your life,makes your day a whole lot better.

pronounced as sha.nuh
I'm so glad that I have finally found my Chawnah,forever to cherish in my heart.
by italy911 April 23, 2009
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n. A soul-less child
v.usually a word used when some one wants to Hanky-Panky.
n.A girl that loves to be away from home and run off with her friends,shes cute, fun and very entertaining.Usually attends concerts and makes noises in her bedroom late at night.
n. a type of sex position.
Boyfriend:I'd like you to bend over so we can do it Britt-Nay style.
Girlfriend:oh you mean like pelvic thrust?
Boyfriend:No even better,Britt-Nay feels so much better on the wrinkle.

by italy911 April 24, 2009
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