2 definitions by Iris<3

A really cool friend!

If you ever meet a Nate, (especially a ginger lmao), know he’s an amazing friend and try and get to know him

He may seem dumb at first but that’s all an act, he’s a very intelegent person and is an amazing friend and very trustworthy!

Nates the person to go to if you need advice and need to talk, if your bored you can never be when your around him. He’s really funny and cool.

In conclusion nates are cool people and amazing friends <333
Person 1: Nate is a really cool guy!
Person 2: I know! He’s such a great friend
by Iris<3 April 27, 2022
John with a G or, Gohn <3

John with a g (gohn) is a really cool dude. He likes to go to Kelley’s market and is pretty cool. He likes to hang out with Pedro the banana and his pet frog. They like to get high off mushrooms and sucker juice.
Girl: omg gohn is so hot!

Boy: he prefers the titleJohn with a g
by Iris<3 April 28, 2022