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"Nig Noggin" - This phenomenon occurs when a regular human being seemingly loses all of his intelligence for a brief moment and becomes like a nigger to often lash out at people aggressively for no reason.
I think Mark has a serious case of nig noggin today. He just won't calm down.
by Inumeration July 05, 2016

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A fatal condition some women have where they seemingly lose grip of English grammar conventions and decide to start writing like a complete fucking tool. These people also browse Tumblr regularly.
"Have you ever seen a girl on the internet or anywhere else write in all lowercase with run-on sentences and no punctuation? Did you have the sudden urge to find them and punch them in the face?"

"Yeah, it's called unique against-the-system white girl syndrome."
by Inumeration July 14, 2016

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The act of looking up pornographic content and clearing your browsing history afterwards instead of opening a private window. Utilized by technologically illiterate fuckboys trying to jack off.
That fag Jake probably deletes his browsing history after jacking off. Playing a game of search and destroy, what a fag.

It's the 21st century fag, you don't have to search and destroy anymore.
by Inumeration May 28, 2017

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To play a loud, annoying sound over and over again in a person's ear.
1. I walked over to John and sound shanked him like a thousand times yesterday.
by Inumeration March 11, 2014

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