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a shorthand name for the yaoi fan pairing between two sensei in the popular manga/anime Naruto, Umino Iruka and Hatake Kakashi.
i wrote a kakairu fanfic yesterday!
by Inuchan October 25, 2006
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Koga's insulting pet name for InuYasha in the manga/anime InuYasha. Literally translates from Japanese to 'dog-crap'
Oi,Inu-koro! Orose! (hey, dog crap, shut up !)
by Inuchan October 25, 2006
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something very pleasant or enjoyable. Also a replacement for the word 'hooray' in rare instances
when we met, it was happyland.
by Inuchan October 25, 2006
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English with four to six japanese words. These are usually limited to; kawaii, neko, baka, arigato, konichiwa, manga, Harajuku, Yaoi/Yuri, watashi, sugoi and usagi.
(translation; cute, cat, thank you, good afternoon, Harajuku(a district in Tokyo), gay/lesbian pornographic manga, I, amazing/cool, and rabbit)

Japanglish is typically used by Wapanese, who pick it up from anime or Gwen Stefani. of course, this is absolutely ridiculous, considering how there are several different ways of saying things in Japanese, for example, 5 different ways to say " I ".
Japanglish: that girl is so baka.

Japanese: ano onna wa tottemo baka

Japanglish: really? that's sugoi!

Japanese: Honto? Suge kore!
by Inuchan November 07, 2006
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(referring to an animal, especially insects or woodworking teachers) feeding on or boring into wood
the woodbug is a xylophagous insect
whoa, Mr. holmes is very xylophagous
by Inuchan October 25, 2006
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