Japanese for "I"
Watashino senkowa nihongo desu.
by INH.Helios November 11, 2003
A Japanese word meaning 'My'. Watashi is generally used by girls, and 'boku no' or 'ore no' can be used by boys to say 'my'.

Although the japanese word mai also means 'My', it is used when not referring to oneself, or when it is from a neutral tone.
Watashi no sekai
My world

Mai tokei
My watch
by scytheblade69 August 13, 2007
It means me or my in japanese.
Watashi no pocky!
My pocky!

by nani? naruto?! November 27, 2004
"I am" in Japanese. Also one of the greatest pop-rock bands from California
Wow, Watashi Wa is a really cool band.
"I am already dead"
Deriving from Omae wa mou shindeiru, it is usually used unironically among friends. It is also a cry for help that will be laughed at as you circle into the depths of despair, leaving behind any sanity you possess.
Joseph: Are you ready for the two hour school assembly?

You: "Watashi wa mou shindeiru!!!"
by Prof. Layton March 16, 2018
means 'i am a pervert' in japanese
say it to any non-japanese speaking person. it's a lovely excuse at times. 'i did it because watashi wa hentai desu.'
by Aurore April 16, 2006
Japanese for "I'm a pervert." Note: 'watashi' is the FEMALE pronoun for I. Guy's should say, "Boku wa hentai desu".
schoolgirl: "KYAAA!! Why'd you flip up my skirt?!"

pervy male classmate: "Watashi wa hentai desu!"

Japanese friend of pervert: *smirks*
by Ali-chan May 17, 2011