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A mountainous desert region in southern Idaho. You're either Mormon or an avid drinker and drug user. Pocatello is nice in the spring but is known for having no fall and goes from freezing ice covered hell to blistering dry summer. Pocatello is a railroad city and there are tons of them all over the place. The city is bridged into two sides. Old town and the modern city where Idaho State University is. The politicians are stupid and republican. All they care about are doing construction on roads so in the summer and winter there is horrible construction on the freeway.There is nothing to do in Pocatello. You hike around and do outdoor stuff in the summer. When winter hits you either ski and snowboard or you never ever go outside. People in Pocatello are used to nature so they don't cream their pants when they see it. The deer run around during all seasons on the icy roads trying to make you die. If you live here you probably know 5 people that have hit one. During the summer it takes 15 minutes to go out into the mountains and see moose and all sorts of majestic shit. Most people that live here hate it, but because there is little real crime its a peaceful town. You can walk down streets at night without fear of being robbed or shot. There are no blacks in Idaho but a lot of Mexicans and Indians. Pocatello was named after "Chief Pocatello" from a Indian that died for some noble cause after the whites killed and enslaved his people so the mormons named their city after him.
Hey lets go to the woods and get really baked and then come back and play video games because there is nothing to do in Pocatello.
by Intrepid Traveler December 31, 2010

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The nasty taste you get in the morning when you first wake up. Usually utterly disgusting especially if you had been drinking the previous night. Culmination of the words "Gross Rot"
I shouldn't have done all those mushrooms last night, I have the most horrible mouth grot this morning.
by Intrepid Traveler December 13, 2010

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Sexual term when two dudes give each other hand jobs in separate beds.
Those two room mates are so homo, they probably give each other Bert and Ernies all the time.
by Intrepid Traveler February 16, 2012

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